~Healing Gemstones and their meanings

Pronounced kahr-NEEL-yuhn
The bold, warm, and fiery colors found in carnelian gemstones make them desirable for jewelry and have been enjoyed for centuries.
They have been recorded back as far as 4000 years ago.
It is believed that Carnelian assists in endurance, leadership, and courage. It is worn by both singers and public speakers in order to help their confidence. It is also said to bring good luck, as well as gives a strong feeling of wellbeing.
No wonder it is the perfect stone for a busy woman, who could use a little boost in all of Carnelians properties.

~ Advice From a Tree~

Stand Tall And Proud
Sink your roots into the Earth
Be content with your natural beauty
Go out on a limb
Drink plenty of water
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view

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