~ Gemstones and their meanings

Starting in the middle of the tree the gemstones are

Apatite ❂Acceptance ❂Unconditional Love ❂Learning
Chrome Diopside ❂Calming ❂Expands love ❂Helps to heal sadness
Peridot ❂Healing ❂Relaxation ❂Intuition
Amber ❂Clarity ❂Motivation ❂Self-love
Pink Tourmaline ❂Peace ❂Relaxation ❂Wisdom
Amethyst ❂Spiritual awareness ❂Inner peace and healing ❂Communication
Opal ❂Love ❂Loyalty ❂Peace

~ Advice From a Tree~

Stand Tall And Proud
Sink your roots into the Earth
Be content with your natural beauty
Go out on a limb
Drink plenty of water
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view

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