~ Gemstones and their meanings

Tanzanite is a stone of optimism and inspiration. It assists the wearer to feel more loving and compassionate to oneself.  A true stone of transformation. Find more happiness and less worry, wear Tanzanite.
Tanzanite comes in a wide range of color, with blue to bluish purple to bluish violet being the most sought after.  This stone was not discovered until the 1960’s.  So it is a relatively new stone.
Tanzanite is a trade name that was first used by Tiffany and Company for gem-quality specimens of the mineral zoisite with a blue color. Tiffany decided not to use its mineralogical name “blue zoisite” but named it after the location that it was found. The stone is only mined in northern Tanzania, near the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. 


~ Advice From a Tree~

Stand Tall And Proud
Sink your roots into the Earth
Be content with your natural beauty
Go out on a limb
Drink plenty of water
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view

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