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About Druzy

Druzy is the same as Druze, Drusie, or Druse. Although I believe it is a well-kept secret that the tiny diamond like crystals are actually Fairy dust. When viewing these beautiful gems, the crystals looks like glittering snow crystals. The Fairy’s then hide them inside of what appears to be ordinary rocks called geodes. Of course, they hide them because of their magical powers.
My theory is certainly easier to explain than the geological process that forms a druzy. Like when hollows in the earth are made by small animals or from roots of trees. A formation begins from a small piece of limestone or anhydrite and rich minerals seep into the burrows allowing the minerals to harden. It is a repetitive cycle that hardens the deposits from mineral rich water and over time will from the crystalline structures and outer crust of the geode. By over time? That means thousand of years.

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