Sea Glass Designs for Summer

Sea Glass perfect for the summer

When thinking of summer what comes to your mind?  As the temps warm we look for relief at a beach.  Some of us dream about the beach, but are not able to physically go due to many reasons.

Looking for Sea Glass
My Mom and Friend Hunting for Beach Glass

I love my sea glass accessories because it is bringing the energy of the beach with me.  I love to think how a discarded piece of glass transforms into a gem of beauty.

I think of how when we are broken we can also transform ourselves. We transform into a beautiful human gem.

Watching the surf carelessly throwing it’s content into the sand that envelopes it into a churning motion eventually wearing down the sharp edges.
I think how my journey has also worn down my sharp edges.  How it has shaped and formed me into the person that I am today.

I am hoping that your summer is full of love and kindness. I always have to remind myself that it starts with me loving and being kind to myself.

I have added a video of my many years of sea glass designs.  I hope you enjoy.


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