Being open to the possibilities

“Life is a field of unlimited possibilities.” 
Deepak Chopra

I realize how important it is for me to stay open to the possibilities of a new possibility.

The choices are infinite, and that can be paralyzing. This is why I believe that meditation is essential in our lives. To quiet our minds and heighten our spiritual focus.

Last week I attended a yoga fest. What a beautiful event. I participated in 4 yoga classes and a meditation. While there I found a gemstone vendor, and fell in love with her stones.

Looking at the stone, I started to see all the possibilities. I wanted to go to my studio and design a pendant, and I did, and I feel really good about it.

Dendrite Opal Pendant
Dendrite Opal Pendant

So as I go out today, I will not try to be invisible, I will not try to be who I think I should be, but is it possible that I can go out and be the best me? “Of course” I said to myself.

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