Winner of the Mermaid Tear Necklace!

Ocean Sage Aqua Blue Mermaid Tear Necklace

A Chance to win a Mermaid Tear Necklace from Ocean Sage Jewelry

Thank you Art Center of Burlington for inviting Ocean Sage to spend an evening with you!


This was a great opportunity for Ocean Sage to introduce her new design in her collection of Sea Glass Jewelry.  I also carry so much more, but I must admit the Beach Glass is my favorite to work with.  Please come and see my website for more designs.  Or stop in the Art Center of Burlington to see them up close!

The Gallery Lounge
The Gallery Lounge
 I enjoyed the evening with great wine,
wonderful people, and listening to beautiful music.
You can find the lounge open every 1st and 3rd
Friday from 5pm-8pm.
They also offer classes for kids to give Moms
and Dads the night out.
 A special thank you to Tammy and Charlie who made the drawing entertaining.

Tammy and Charlie
The drawing for the necklace

Tammy announcing the winner
We have a Winner!
 After much shaking, and raising the jar high into the air, Charlie chose the winning ticket.
Tammy announced the Winner!

Winner of the Drawing
Congrats Lois!
 Congrats to Lois!  The winner of the Mermaid Tear Necklace.
Lois is wearing an Ocean Sage Cobalt Sea Glass Pendant with
matching earrings.  Thank you so much Lois for supporting Ocean Sage!  You were one of my very first Ocean Sage Iowa fans.
 Joyce is wearing an Opal Dendrite necklace that her boyfriend purchased for her.  Thank you so much Lyman!

Joyce with Ocean Sage
Joyce with Ocean Sage

Meet Malanie
So good to see my friend Melanie.
 I was so grateful for my friends that cam in to say hi.  Mel thank you so much for your support.
 I was delighted to meet Donna again.  she had purchased a sea glass pendant from me years ago.  Thank you so much for your support Donna!  We share the love of Sea Glass!  I look forward to seeing you in your new mermaid tear collection!

Donna wearing Sea Glass
Donna with Ocean Sage wearing a beautiful Ocean Sage Sea Glass Pendant

Wearing an Ocean Sage tree of life
Ocean Tree of Life Birthday Stone
It was a tough decision.  Which really made me happy.  I was so thrilled to see her fall in love with Ocean Sage’s Tree of Life.  But which one?  How about one with your Birthstone!  Yea!

I am so grateful for the people in my life.  I loved meeting new friends, and am so appreciative of the ones that made a special effort to stop in and see me.
You have no idea what your support means to me.  You’re what keeps me going!

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