Worry Not

Dendrite Opal
Dendrite Opal

Where are you at today?  Are you worried? Is your worrying helping you accomplish what you need to do?  Or is it an obsession, an uninvited thought that keeps entering your mind?  I know that feeling.

What if I were to let go of that thought, to be as light as the air and breeze along the grass and whisper into the tops of the trees.  Possibly it is not the thought that is bothering me but the feeling that is attached to it.   I think on this, many times it is a fear.  What am I afraid of?

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I start a journey in my mind, I think of a happy moment.  I hold that emotion in my body.  After meditating on it, my mind may go back to my fear.  Can I look at this without a negative emotion?
Can I focus on what I would like the outcome to be, but not be attached?

How will my worrying change the outcome?  Intellectually I know that it won’t.  Than why am I doing it?  Could I view myself as a habitual worrier?  I think so.  I have decided that this is a habit I want to break.  As with all bad habits we want to break, it will require discipline

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First, I must understand that what I am worried about is an illusion that I created.  It is not here now.
How many times when the situation that I feared so much arrived, and I walked away wondering, “what were you so worried about?” I was worried about an illusion that I created in my head.

My next goal is to be aware when a thought attached to a negative emotion arrives.  I remind myself that what ever my dominant thought is, my focus, will become my reality.  I will actually attract it.  My intention is to think about it in a constructive manner.  Not to fear the outcome, but to know and trust that I can learn and grow from it either way.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts.  I look forward you reading yours.  Together we can collaborate on sliding down the rainbow of life together.

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