Pearls in a Pod Collection

Welcome to My Pearls in a Pod Collection!

I have many more colors for the collection coming soon!
The Pearls in a Pod have been a very popular design, so I have decided to make more choices available for you, and will be on my website on Tuesday.

How are you doing on your shopping? With so many of us shopping from home, I know that I am getting an early start. My goal is to shop small, and support small businesses.

What I love about shopping small is the service that I get. I am not just number, but a real person. There are so many businesses that I have been purchasing from, and I feel more like I am buying from a friend. So much more personal that a big retail.

Here are just a few of my favorites, but will be adding more in my next post

Rainbow Junction
A mom of three, and her shop is a happy place! With her unique and wonderful Raindough, your child will have a sensory experience with this new and fun playdough enjoying its incredible scents! Plus it is not toxic, and safe. You will also find macramé rainbows, adult and child tie dyes, and so much more!

Yummy Soap
Handcrafted Goat Milk Soaps, Lotions & Body Products. Made with all natural ingredients, which means it is non toxic. Nourishes your skin and hair. I love this product. Easy 5 Star.
This mom of 8 has nailed it! Fantastic products, all handmade, a little piece of heaven!

Fly Me to the Moon
Felicia is a paper artist that can conquer any project. Her paper cutouts are detailed and of high quality. The application of her art has not ends. Be it for scrap booking, labeling your entrees, decorating for a party? The list is non ending.

Early June
A mom that creates handmade, Modern Home Décor & Personalized Gifts. From humor to elegance, her products are all quality! Love this shop! Pillows, Wine Bags, Wall Plaques, so much more. She has something for everyone.

The Cutieful Place
And that is is! You will find unique and beautiful items for that special crafter on you list.
Her products are both gorgeous and functional. Lets not stop there, she has Gifts • Patterns • DIY Kits • Toys • Pins • House Decor.

Seacycle Studio
From the  Isle of Wight, Shanine makes the finest Sea Treasure Art! You will not be disappointed browsing through her galleries of original handcrafted art. Her beautiful art is professionally framed, and includes glass. I own one of her pieces, and it is my most favorite décor.

That is all I have time for, and I will be letting you in on a few more wonderful small businesses. Stand tall when you shop small, because you are helping someone’s dream come true.

When Having the Blues is a Good Thing

Handcrafted Collection of Blue Fashionable Jewelry

Enjoy browsing through my collection of the Blues. Each stone is unique and one of a kind. See something you like? Visit my website. At Ocean Sage you never have to sacrifice luxury for price. Remember, having the blues is a good thing!

Blue Sea Glass

Looking for that one of a kind gift for our favorite mermaid? If you can’t find it on my website, please contact me, and we’ll find the perfect piece.

Blue Pearl Jewelry

Perfect for that hard to find gift.
Pearl are always appropriate. ~ Jackie Kennedy

Blue Gemstone Jewelry

This is a stunning collection of fine jewelry. You will find some unique and rare pieces in this collection. I search to find top quality designer gemstones.

Blue Tree of Life

Each tree is handcrafted into a perfect piece of art. Do you want a custom order? I can make trees with birthstones. These are great for mothers day also, and the trees will have all the family birthstones.

Blue Swarovski Crystals

Inspired by the awe-striking treasure from the Titanic, this Blue Heart of the Ocean pendant is a mesmerizing treasure every girl must own. 
Swarovski Crystal the worlds best

How to win a Mermaid Tear Necklace!

*Ends September 8th 2018*

Mermaid Tear Sea Glass Necklace
Sea Glass Necklace

Are you ready for a 20 day challenge? And win a mermaid tear necklace?

Lean how you can accumulate points to win a Beautiful Sea Glass Necklace made with Sterling Silver and Black Leather.  It is an elegant statement to the mermaids of the sea.

What are Mermaid Tears

Mermaid Tears are Small and perfect pieces of sea glass that wash ashore.  They are in a tear drop shape, and are in many colors.
The story goes that for every soul that is lost at sea a mermaid cries.  You will find her tears as sea glass that has washed up on shore.
Another is that the jealous King Neptune banished a mermaid to the bottom of the ocean for saving her love.  Never again will she see her love.  We find her tears on the beaches.
So goes the folklore!
You can read here to learn more about sea glass

Follow the steps below to receive your points!
1. like Ocean Sage Jewelry facebook posts and receive a point
2. a post comment on Ocean Sage Jewelry facebook receives 2 points
3. share an Ocean Sage Jewelry Facebook post 3 points
4. Review on facebook is 14 points
5. Follow Ocean Sage on Twitter 5 points
6. Re-tweets 6 points
7. If you have already Liked Ocean Sage Jewelry on facebook page you will
AUTOMATICALLY get 10 points, If you like my page, hey 10 points!


To enjoy more Sea Glass Designs by Ocean Sage Jewelry Please visit
Sea Glass Jewelry

Good Luck to all!  Any questions please contact me.

Winner of the Mermaid Tear Necklace!

Ocean Sage Aqua Blue Mermaid Tear Necklace

A Chance to win a Mermaid Tear Necklace from Ocean Sage Jewelry

Thank you Art Center of Burlington for inviting Ocean Sage to spend an evening with you!


This was a great opportunity for Ocean Sage to introduce her new design in her collection of Sea Glass Jewelry.  I also carry so much more, but I must admit the Beach Glass is my favorite to work with.  Please come and see my website for more designs.  Or stop in the Art Center of Burlington to see them up close!

The Gallery Lounge
The Gallery Lounge
 I enjoyed the evening with great wine,
wonderful people, and listening to beautiful music.
You can find the lounge open every 1st and 3rd
Friday from 5pm-8pm.
They also offer classes for kids to give Moms
and Dads the night out.
 A special thank you to Tammy and Charlie who made the drawing entertaining.

Tammy and Charlie
The drawing for the necklace

Tammy announcing the winner
We have a Winner!
 After much shaking, and raising the jar high into the air, Charlie chose the winning ticket.
Tammy announced the Winner!

Winner of the Drawing
Congrats Lois!
 Congrats to Lois!  The winner of the Mermaid Tear Necklace.
Lois is wearing an Ocean Sage Cobalt Sea Glass Pendant with
matching earrings.  Thank you so much Lois for supporting Ocean Sage!  You were one of my very first Ocean Sage Iowa fans.
 Joyce is wearing an Opal Dendrite necklace that her boyfriend purchased for her.  Thank you so much Lyman!

Joyce with Ocean Sage
Joyce with Ocean Sage

Meet Malanie
So good to see my friend Melanie.
 I was so grateful for my friends that cam in to say hi.  Mel thank you so much for your support.
 I was delighted to meet Donna again.  she had purchased a sea glass pendant from me years ago.  Thank you so much for your support Donna!  We share the love of Sea Glass!  I look forward to seeing you in your new mermaid tear collection!

Donna wearing Sea Glass
Donna with Ocean Sage wearing a beautiful Ocean Sage Sea Glass Pendant

Wearing an Ocean Sage tree of life
Ocean Tree of Life Birthday Stone
It was a tough decision.  Which really made me happy.  I was so thrilled to see her fall in love with Ocean Sage’s Tree of Life.  But which one?  How about one with your Birthstone!  Yea!

I am so grateful for the people in my life.  I loved meeting new friends, and am so appreciative of the ones that made a special effort to stop in and see me.
You have no idea what your support means to me.  You’re what keeps me going!

Ocean Sage Jewelry at The Art Center of Burlington!

Thank you Art Center of Burlington for allowing Ocean Sage to be your first Artist of the month in the Artist Market.   Visit the downtown art center and find Ocean Sage Jewelry
Looking forward to talking about what makes Ocean Sage Jewelry special and unique.  Hope to see you there!
Wear one of your Ocean Sage Jewelry pieces and receive a free Sunshine jewelry cleaning cloth.  Shines up sterling silver to look new.  Silver oxidizes and needs to be cleaned frequently.  If it doesn’t tarnish?  It’s most likely not silver.

Ocean Sage is the Artist of the month.

Healing Gemstone~Jasper’s Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Jasper

Jasper has been referred to as the supreme nurturer.  It is thought to bring the wearer peace and tranquility.  This will help to alleviate stress.  What I most love about this peaceful stone is that it radiates courage.
The stone itself will assist you to achieve these properties.  One needs to meditate and love oneself.
Close your eyes and breathe deep, think of all the things that would make you happy, let go of the thoughts, but hold that feeling, and know that it is already here.  That will release the healing properties of jasper.


Jasper Pendant
Enjoy the vibration of healing Jasper

Jasper’s History

The word Jasper means spotted or speckled stone.  Jasper is known to have been a favorite gem in the ancient world, and you will notice jasper in the bible quite frequently.
It was said that jasper will drive away evil , heal snake and spider bites, and even bring rain. Although many think that  healing gemstones is New Age, if you research a bit you will find the using of gemstones go back thousands of years.  Jasper has always been considered a stone of great power.

What is Jasper

You can find thousands of different types of jasper all over the world. Jasper has an infinite amount of colors and patterns. Although blue jasper is quite a rarity.
Jasper is also called chalcedony which is a generic term for stones that are composed of micro-crystalline quartz.  Jasper is composed of Jasper is composed of silicon dioxide and up to 20% of foreign materials such as hematite, pyrolusite, clay or calcite.

With each color and pattern jasper will have a name.  Here are some of my Favorites!

Please click on the photo above to find Jasper Jewelry by Ocean Sage

I hope you enjoyed the Healing Properties of Jasper.
I would love to hear from you and what you are interested in.
Thanks for hanging out at with me at Coffee Shop Chat.  Let the Changing Tides bring us peace and love.

Sea Glass Designs for Summer

Sea Glass perfect for the summer

When thinking of summer what comes to your mind?  As the temps warm we look for relief at a beach.  Some of us dream about the beach, but are not able to physically go due to many reasons.

Looking for Sea Glass
My Mom and Friend Hunting for Beach Glass

I love my sea glass accessories because it is bringing the energy of the beach with me.  I love to think how a discarded piece of glass transforms into a gem of beauty.

I think of how when we are broken we can also transform ourselves. We transform into a beautiful human gem.

Watching the surf carelessly throwing it’s content into the sand that envelopes it into a churning motion eventually wearing down the sharp edges.
I think how my journey has also worn down my sharp edges.  How it has shaped and formed me into the person that I am today.

I am hoping that your summer is full of love and kindness. I always have to remind myself that it starts with me loving and being kind to myself.

I have added a video of my many years of sea glass designs.  I hope you enjoy.


2018 Pantone Color of the Year

This year you could say that the 2018 color is purple, but ultra violet brings on a new vibration. Ultra Violet is a blue based purple that is intuitive and “will light the way to what is yet to come.” ~pantone

In a world of division, this is a color that gives hope of harmony. Ultra Violet
It is often associated with spirituality and enlightenment.

Our ultra violet gemstones will also empower and inspire. Purple gemstones calm, center us in peace, and teach us Grace.

I am going to list my 10 favorites.

1. Purple Diamond: I had to put this first as it is the most $$$ of the stones. Sells for around $1.5 million for one carat! Diamond is the birthstone for April.

2. Alexandrite: A magical stone that will appear ultra violet under an incandescent light then changes to green in the daylight. This little gem will cost about $45 grand a carat. Luckily we can also choose pearl or moonstone for the June birthstone.

3. Purple Tourmaline: Often referred to the king of color, Tourmaline is a rainbow. Birthstone for October

4. Tanzanite: Most popular in purple, tanzanite can also be found in blue. Birthstone for December.

5. Purple Opal: This is my favorite. Black being the most $$$ white is the most popular, this one stole my heart. October birthstone.

6. Amethyst: This violet variety of quartz is the most classic representation of a purple gemstone. Birthstone for February.

7. Sugilite: A rare stone that is a deep ultra violet, although it can also be a deep pink.

8. Charoite: Found only in Siberia, this violet gem is rather rare.
Charoite is a violet gemstone varying in a shade from lavender to purple.

9.Opal Flourite
Also known as opalite and Tifanny stone. Opal fluorite is a purple gemstone with swirls of lavender and white.
A rather rare mineral, the purple stone is found only in Utah, USA.

9. Purple Jade: This stone is amazing in all of its colors.
While most popular in green, jade also occurs as purple stones. The violet stones come from the variety of jade called jadeite.

10. Iolite: Beside blue, iolite also occurs as violet stones. In fact, the name iolite comes from the Greek for “violet.”

Holiday Blessings to You

Holiday Blessings

Thank you for encouraging me to continue to create Jewelry.
It’s hard to believe we are going into another year.   I am taking
time to be grateful for all the wonderful people that have been
in my life.

May you have a year of peace, love, and laughter